Capturing your next photograph in beautiful Newport Beach, California.

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I called up Nate for a photoshoot and he was a complete professional and very courteous. We went over what I was looking for and what type of outfits ill be wearing. His photography skills are top notch and he is real easy to work with. I would defiantly do another photoshoot some time in the future. Highly recommended!”

– Spencer C.

Vintage Charm

Why Shoot Portrait Photography In Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is one of those quickly-fading beach towns that still preserves much of its vintage charm. It has that old school Californian vibe—think of the superficial innocence of the Beach Boys and you’ve pretty much captured the energy of Newport Beach.

I love shooting on location in and around the Newport Beach area. Its boat-filled harbor provided a great “maritime” look that I like to capture in my photography. But while Newport Beach has a lot of its old school-ness intact, there’s still plenty of contemporary new-ness to go around. Newport Beach is a versatile location with a heavy slant towards beachy photography.

“Working with Nate has been and is always an absolute pleasure! Professional, very talented and has an amazing vision. Always makes sure a client is happy and has very quick turnaround with editing. Highly recommend!”

– Cosette R.

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“Come As You Are”

What You Can Wear For Photoshoots In Newport Beach, California

To me, Newport Beach, California screams old school beachy charm. I’m thinking of pastel colors and polo shirts, not complete without a pair of boat shoes. However, if the preppy thing isn’t your style (it’s not usually mine) then I’d suggest you dress however you want to. After all, it’ll be your portrait, and your personality should inform the shoot more than the location.

Feel free to ask me about wardrobe suggestions—I’ve been in the photography business long enough to have a thing or two to say. I know what works, what doesn’t, and exactly how much you should fret over an outfit (it’s less than you’d imagine.)

Nate is a class act. I did a lifestyle photoshoot with Nate and was extremely pleased with how the photos came out. He was very flexible and knowledgeable during the shoot. I personally rely on a few specific poses for my shoots, so I was particularly impressed at the numerous additional poses he knew would read well on camera. Highly recommend!

– Alan C.

Experience And Intuition

Why Choose Me For Portrait Photography In Newport Beach, California

I love beach shoots. I’ve always been a fan of the unique opportunities a limitless sunset affords, or the different shapes found in the waves as they crash along the shore. I’ve always had an eye for opportunity and I’m a persistent photographer. In Newport Beach, we’ll hit the usual sights and I’ll also take you to the less-trodden parts.

Be it morning, noon, or night, or whatever theme or style you’re looking for your portrait, we’ll find a location to capture the moment in Newport Beach. Even if you’re not looking for a vintage flair that’s easy to find in Newport Beach, there’s still plenty more out there.

Environmental Portraits

The goal with my environmental portraits is to illuminate you, your life, and your surroundings to capture a special moment.

Instagram Portraits

By standing out among the crowd, your photos can get more likes, better engagement, and ultimately more followers.

Headshot Portraits

You can use the photo as a profile picture, a professional LinkedIn photo, a headshot to submit to agencies, etc.

Graduation Portraits

Graduation is not one or two stand alone photos, but rather a whole story about your memories in school.

Creative Portraits

Photography is also about art. Sometimes you may want a more creative artistic portrait to express your individuality.

Nature Portraits

Shooting in nature has become my favorite type of portrait photography and is a favorite among clients as well.

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Newport Beach Portrait Photo Retouching

Each Newport Beach photography session includes post-production editing using state of the art photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

I offer high-end portrait retouching using professional techniques (dodge and burning, frequency separation, etc.) and other editing services to ensure your photos are of the highest quality. The post-production retouching allows me to removes unwanted marks and blemishes on your face to ensure you receive the best portrait photos possible.

Super happy with Nate’s high quality photos! He has very creative concepts, is a pleasure to shoot with, and I highly recommend to anyone.”

– Markian B.


Guidance on Posing

One of the key elements of a successful photo shoot with people is creating the mood. It is my job to act as the emotional balancer during the shoot. It is understandable to get tense when your face is in front of the camera, however, it will also show in the photograph.

It is my job to make you comfortable and at ease. I like to think of all my clients as friends and while still offering a professional service, I want to be viewed as more than a person holding a camera. During the pre-shoot consultation, I make it a point to understand your vision and interests to ensure we have a relaxed photo shoot that produces great natural light portraits.

Spots Around Newport Beach

Spots Around Newport Beach, California For Portrait Photography

Costa Mesa is full of distinct, clean colors and angles that can easily add a level of sophistication and/or elegance to a Newport Beach is full of different looks. However, I find that it does primary colors well—they come together into this vintage, beachy look that pops against a blue sky. It’s a great place for all kinds of portrait photography, but I especially like to bring clients here who want to experience a blast from the past. Here are my favorite photo spots, both old and new.

The Balboa Fun Zone

The Balboa Ferry is a favorite of mine. However, the Balboa Fun Zone brings a unique experience that offers plenty of backdrops and moments to thrust yourself into.

It’s full of poppy, eye-catching color and a sort of old school beachy charm that can work well in a session.

Newport Pier

Whether you’re on or below the pier, there’s plenty of scenery to chew when we’re shooting your portraits on the Newport Pier.

Below, you’re greeted with a tangle of wooden poles that sink below the blue, foamy water. Above, there’s usually a crowd to get lost in, which can be perfect for certain portraits.

Balboa Beach

Balboa Beach might seem like a nondescript beach to most but I see a beach that seems to come right out of the 70s.

Little lifeguard shacks run along the expanse of the beach, the striking blue water crashes along the shoreline, and the ocean almost feels hugged by the looming hills on the horizon.

The Duffy Boats

While it may not be a location on its own, the Duffy boats are a feature unique to Newport Beach and can easily get us on the water and provide a few stunning backdrops that you otherwise would have no access to.

Duffy boats are rentable, electric boats that anyone can take out on the water.

Newport Beach Trivia

Facts About Newport Beach, California

Try Not To Fall Victim To Pier Pressure

The Newport Pier is 1,032 feet long and was first built in 1888. It was destroyed by a hurricane in 1939 and was quickly rebuilt—construction was finished just one year later in 1940.

Bring Back A Whale Of A Tale

Whale watching is a popular hobby around Newport Beach. Observers can often see grey whales, killer whales, finback whales, blue whales, and even a few sharks in the waters!

Mind The Wedge!

A popular spot for surfers can be found in Newport Beach. Visitors call it “the wedge” and the waves there can be as high as 30 feet! This is another popular location to take photos.


How Much is a Photoshoot?

Check my pricing page to find my photoshoot packages along with pricing!

How Will I Receive the Files?

I send you all of the photos from our session. You pick the photos that you like (the amount depends on the package you picked), then I edit the ones you picked then send it over to you via WeTransfer., which is an easy + free email service.

What am I Paying for Exactly?

Location scouting, posing tips, professional photo editing/retouching (color correction, tone adjustments, exposure adjustments, blemish/scar removal, teeth whitening, eye redness reduction, wrinkle/fine line removal), camera handling, my witty banter.

Can I Edit the Images?

I spend time ensuring the color balance and tones are correct in each image! If you want a particular edit style please let me know before the shoot and I can accommodate since I have experience editing many different styles. However, at the end of the day, they are your images!

What If I Need to Cancel?

I ask for a $100 electronic non-refundable deposit to secure your session date + time. If you need to cancel you can put your deposit toward a re-schedule or you can have it refunded.

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